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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Perfect Pot of Gold that Every Property Manager Needs

In order to be successful as a property manager you are only as good as your relationship with the
The Perfect Pot of Gold that Every Property Manager Needs
other players in the game.  Having the right property management team is like finding a pot of gold. Check out all our "pot of gold" components below that make the perfect mix:

Property Management at its core is a customer service position and tenants are the customer.  Tenants are paying your salary and keeping a property lucrative for ownership.   Keeping them happy within their space and informed of the terms of their tenancy makes it easy to navigate issues that inevitably arise on a daily basis!

Engineering Staff
Engineers and Maintenance personnel are out in the field all day; they will be your eyes and ears on the ground.  When you foster a good relationship, they will want to see you succeed and will make your job so much easier.  Empowering them to take care of minor issues saves you time and prevents you from having to put out a major fire later.

Accounting -an essential piece of gold to property management
The property accountant is essential to maintain a good working relationship with the tenants, ownership and vendors.  They help you collect the rent, pay the bills and report to the ownership how the asset is doing.  When it comes to financials, it’s always good to have multiple sets of eyes on the bottom line.

Leasing Agents are protecting our future.  They need you to help keep the property looking attractive to prospective tenants, and in turn you gain more “customers”.  They make the promises that you have to deliver, so having an open line of communication helps you both succeed at your jobs.

Maintaining a good relationship with the ownership is important.  Much like the engineers are your eyes and ears, YOU are the owners’ eyes and ears.  If there is a good line of communication and mutual respect, you can help owners take a proactive approach and prevent major problems.  This will keep the property in great shape and of course make them money.                                

The Perfect Pot of Gold that Every Property Manager NeedsEach one of these relationships can enrich your career and allow you to ride the rainbow to the perfect "Pot O Gold."  Happy St. Patrick Day!!

Aly Noland - Block Real Estate Services

Aly Noland
Property Manager
Block Real Estate Services

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