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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hunting for New CRE Investment Opportunities?

With Easter coming up on April 5th and spring already upon us, it’s a beautiful time of year to let
fresh ideas and opportunities stimulate your mind.

Real estate investors are remaining more optimistic than they have been in years.  As 2015 gets underway, economic growth has been increasing, consumers love the gasoline price drops and job growth is improving.

For commercial real estate investors, interest rates are still low and spring is blossoming with new prospects. A powerful concept is flourishing in 2015 for offices: the live/work/play concept. The days of suburban malls anchored by a department store are coming to a close, according to Urbanland Magazine.

Instead, mixed-use development is in vogue among planners because of its efficient land use pattern which offers residents a great opportunity for short commutes to work and convenient shopping. By putting residential, commercial and recreational uses in close proximity to one another, a real sense of community and connection is possible.

Mixed-use can enhance the vitality and perceived security of an area by increasing the number and activity of people on the street. Research by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that neighborhoods that mix land uses make walking safe and convenient and allow workers and residents to drive significantly less if they choose.

The concept also contributes economic benefits. It can raise surrounding area property values and help increase local tax receipts. Businesses recognize the advantages associated with locations that attract more people and increase economic activity.

In transforming the corner of College Boulevard and Nieman Road in Overland Park, Kansas with its new mixed-use development, BRES is bringing remarkable experiences for a brand-new destination. CityPlace will be a standout in Overland Park with a vibrant mix of office buildings, restaurants, shopping, apartments and senior living. Landscaped natural green space will provide a park-like setting that links to a number of trails in Johnson County. Watch our video!

BRES has an experienced track record in commercial development and keying into properties that hold significant potential for return on investment.

Block Real Estate Services, LLC (BRES) welcomes inquiries about CityPlace. If you are looking for a retail site or office space, contact BRES for more information and visit www.cityplacekc.com. To keep up-to-date with CityPlace, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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