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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tips On Property Management During Foreclosure

The Bella Sera Condominiums
During the foreclosure process, properties can often fall into such disrepair and lack of management, that they are completely unattractive to any prospective buyer. Block Real Estate Services Property Manager, Amy Sanchez, shares insight on how to maintain a property during this difficult period to avoid distress.

In an effort to preserve the Bella Sera Condominiums during a 9-month foreclosure process, BRES entered into a property management agreement with M&I Bank in December of 2010.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The KC Foodie Market Report: Unique Client Eats

In such a diverse culinary city as Kansas City, there are more creative places to take clients than the same old. Is another lunch at Capitol Grille going to make a mark on their memory? I love the Capitol Grille's French Onion Soup as much as the next guy, but in a business like CRE, you've got to make an impression. Don't spend your bucks on same old. Below, I have highlighted three delicious joints to take clients that are sure to please and demonstrate your knowledge of the city, broken up by individual submarkets.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Real Estate Tips For Doctors

When choosing which space is best for their practice, physicians and dentists can have unique requests. Compared to general office tenants, they are oftentimes more specific in where they want to be, based upon factors such as proximity to a hospital, demographics, distance from competitors, and co-tenancy.  Doctors also have higher finish-out costs due to extensive plumbing, millwork, and equipment; in many cases, they require 50-100% additional expense.

On account of being more particular on location and the greater investment, as well as that they are relatively stable in size, medical office users tend to make longer commitments and consequently are “in the market” less.  Something else that is important to this group is accessibility – in terms of travel time, being found, visitor parking, and ease into and out of the building.