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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Generating Value for a Managed Multifamily Property

Block Multifamily Group's (BMG) goal is to generate an increase in value for our managed assets. The increase in value for our managed multifamily asset lies squarely with the line item known as NOI (Net Operating Income). NOI is derived by subtracting your operating expenses (not including mortgage payments) from your Gross Income. Our topic is not about determining a purchase price for an asset, but to concentrate on items that “create value” or “create “an increase in the NOI.  This is the “line item” that all owners and clients focus on.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BRES Banding Together To Make a Difference

Banding together as a company to give back to the community is a vital component in helping enhance and build rapport within your community. In Property Management, we are in a never-ending position to create and maintain solid, long-term relationships with not only our Tenants, but the community in which we work. For Block Real Estate Services, (BRES) this is nearly every community throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area and growing still. We value and take pride in our jobs every day and are always looking for ways to improve on our services to be ready to assist and contribute to our community...

Developing strong relationships with local government, police and fire personnel is just one of the many ways we can enhance the property management and tenant experience. With an industrial portfolio of over 1.4 million SF in Platte County alone, many opportunities have presented themselves to partner with Riverside Police Department. Since early 2008, BRES has assisted both the SWAT and K-9 divisions with new challenging locations for training opportunities. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tenant Improvements Sustain Landlord / Tenant Relationship

Tenant improvements are essential and vital aspects of leasing. When planning tenant improvements, you are faced with a variety of decisions and questions:
  • Will this result in a ROI?
  • How will I balance scheduling, estimation and job cost?
  • Will I be doing green practices?
  •  How will I manage contracts with designers, vendors and contractors

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adding Value: Block Technology Solutions

When hitting rough economic times, a company gains a competitive advantage by adding to their services while others cut back. Client services should be a low line item when trimming items out of the budget. Continuing to offer above and beyond service sets you apart from the rest. Seeking to provide further needed services to our clients and tenants,  BRES added a new division called Block Technology Solutions (BTS). This new division assists tenants in: consultation, planning, and installation services for voice, data, and security systems including servers, switches, routers, workstations, access systems, and security cameras/monitoring. BTS also leverages significant relationships with local telephone, cable and wireless providers resulting in improved response time for installations and loss of connectivity repairs.

These services help make our clients' lives easier and in the case of Pinnacle Construction Group; help get the job done.