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Thursday, March 19, 2015

LinkedIn and Employees: A Connection Built to Last

LinkedIn and Employees : A Connection Built to LastLinkedIn, in the last few years, has gone from a career site to a professional platform that hosts
information about companies, industries and individuals. The platform, in 2014, announced that they had hit the 300 million user mark credited to mobile traffic. LinkedIn's increased popularity offers endless opportunities for companies to raise brand awareness and visibility through their employees strong profiles. Which is why every person in your company needs to be active on LinkedIn. Listed below are a few benefits of having strong employee profiles on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn and Employees : A Connection Built to LastSearch Engine Optimization - Online audiences are searching for what your company has to say. Your company and employees can meet this demand by optimizing their LinkedIn profiles with content and sharing company links. When employees connect themselves with their company they act as ambassadors that help push the company's brand. Employee link sharing increases the reach of company content, groups and pages which correlates to a higher relevance ranking in LinkedIn's search engine . LinkedIn optimization also reaps the benefits of being found in Google searches and pushes your company to the top.

Company Credibility - LinkedIn offers the opportunity to show people that your company and employees have the qualifications, experience, honors and awards that make them experts in their industry. Anytime the company or employees receive awards, or has industry relevant content it should be pushed on this social platform.  An employees' education and skills help to build the company's credibility and showcases an type of employee who prospers within your company. Employee's also have the ability to recommend and review your company which allows the public to gain insight on why they work for, or with, your company.

Branding - Employee profiles help speak for your company's brand while delivering more of a
Block Real Estate Services
humanized experience. These user experiences allow clients, business partners, investors and the general  public to tie emotional experiences with your company's brand. These online identities tie into your company's message while showcasing its' strengths.

Companies that focus on loyalty and engagement prosper. Engaging with your brand ambassadors is the best way to truly optimize and increase your brand's reach. Without connecting, there would be no relationship and no identity. Build your relationship with Block Real Estate Services, LLC (BRES) by connecting with us on LinkedIn.

Paige Salveter - Block Real Estate Services, LLC (BRES)

Paige Salveter, MBA
Director of Marketing and Communications

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