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Thursday, April 2, 2015

BRES is MAD about MS - How Do They Handle the Heat?

Block Real Estate Services, LLC (BRES) gets heated when it comes to multiple sclerosis (MS)! Every year BRES attempts to simmer our anger for the disease by asking employees to get involved and help raise funds for MS. March Madness basketball and the spring season presents the perfect theme to engage employees in a philanthropic event. Many companies may view these type of events as distracting in the workplace, but we disagree!
March Madness-Block Real Estate Services, LLC

Engaging your employees is a worth while investment and allows rewarding experiences. By engaging employees with philanthropy and volunteering, is much more, it can help protect employees mental and physical health, and build relationships within the workplace.

The most successful corporate social responsibility programs are the ones that tie into your business strategy and your employees.  If your employees are passionate about a particular cause then it will up-lift the spirit of generosity throughout the company.

The main  reasons why you should be incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in your company are:
  1. Employee Engagement - engage your employees and they will be more connected, motivated and more productive.  Also retaining your employees longer as CSR will enhance your retention and recruitment.
  2. Relationship Building - some customers don't just prefer to deal with responsible companies, they insist on it. 
  3. Enhanced Brand and Image - there are many opportunities via social and PR to have discussions about your company, which all lead to a more positive reputation and press coverage.
March Madness-Block Real Estate Services, LLC
BRES has three philanthropic sectors we support for corporate responsibility and giving:  These all align with our business objectives and long-term goals in commercial real estate. Community Development, Education and Health & Wellness.

To stay on top of the trends, BRES is involved with the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) of Kansas City.  CVC helps support the community through a variety of corporations by promoting and encouraging volunteerism in the workplace by bringing local, regional and national businesses together to share, learn and participate in volunteering.

If you don't have a CSR program in place, now is the time, checkout other ways BRES helps improve employee retention!

Paige Salveter - Block Real Estate Services, LLC (BRES)

Paige Salveter, MBA
Director of Marketing and Communications

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