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Thursday, April 16, 2015

3 Tech Essentials for Multifamily Developments

3 Tech Essentials for Multifamily DevelopmentsThe multifamily sector is experiencing a surge in luxury developments and to be a top player you must have the latest tech essentials. With endless options it's important for property managers to remain competitive and up on the latest trends that entice more move-ins. Here are a few cutting edge tools that will help your apartment community stay in the lead:

1.  Fiber Optics and WiFi Routers
In an age of technology, it's important to have a strong Internet connection to help support all of your tenants activities. If your property has connection issues when it comes to the Internet and phone reception it could be a deal breaker for most tenants. Throughout the multifamily development process be sure to research your Internet options and make the best choice for your apartment community. Don't be afraid to invest in expensive fiber optics and routers for Wi-Fi. Initially it might be a headache, but it will pay off with a large ROI.

2. Online Request/Payments
Everyone wants convenience at the tips of their fingers.  Online leasing is a great way to engage tenants and to get them to sign their leases and make monthly payments quick. For a tenant who is bogged down at work and busy with moving, this is a great convenience. Online payments and maintenance requests are no exception, these easy tools help tenants with on-time payments.

3. Smart Homes
Smart technologies are attracting the tech savvy renters and get prospective renters excited about your property.  Smart thermostats, lights, USB port outlets and are a few of the main technologies that can definitely tip the scales in your favor as renters look at the competition. These items may not be on the must haves list, but these additions show that your community is cutting edge.

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