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Thursday, October 2, 2014

4 Tech Apps That Help Boost #CRE Customer Satisfaction

Everyone can agree that in the realm of commercial real estate everyone is on-the-go. Having tech tools to aid while out and about can increase the average CRE professionals everyday activities and make them more efficient! Here are our favorite tech tools that supplement daily business routines and help with instant document turnaround to aid in customer satisfaction:

1.Office Suite Pro-  This app gives you the full functions of Microsoft Office at the touch of your fingertips.  Are you out and about but need to alter an document for a client? No problem, Office Suite Pro gives  you the ability to edit, save, and share documents with your clients while away from your desktop!

 Scanner Pro- Have you been out of the office and need to convert a important document to a pdf? The Scanner Pro application does just that by turning your phone into a instant scanner.  Once you scan the document you have the ability to save the document into a pdf or another file and share them with prospects wherever you may be.

3.Evernote-  Evernote is a highly functioning note taking app that can take notes from your mobile device and transfer them to your desktop. The application allows you to take notes of all types and allows you to access them on any device. You can collect web articles, handwritten notes, and photo to keep all the details in one place!

4.Hootsuite-  This productivity app allows you to connect with your prospects and partners in the digital sphere. Hootsuite assists in tracking content and conversations that are trending in the CRE industry. It allows you to schedule, respond to customer inquiries, and listen to your customers need by following social media conversations.

Adding these apps to your CRE toolbox is an excellent source to meeting the growing demands of the industry while boosting customer satisfaction with quick turnaround responses. See more apps to help your day be more productive with the Best Free Apps For CRE Professionals blog post.

Director of Marketing and Communications

Paige Salveter, MBA
Director of Marketing and Communications
Block Real Estate Services, LLC

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