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Thursday, October 23, 2014

CRE Leadership Roles we can learn from the KC Royals

The World Series is here and our beloved KC Royals have fought every bit along the way.To get
CRE Leadership Roles we can learn from the Royals
where they are today they have battled to make to the World Series.  It's the same in Commercial Real Estate, we have our ups and downs, but determination and dedication are what gets us to the next deal.  Here are some same lessons the Royals endear that can be applied to CRE:

1. Teamwork- There is no "I" in team as it takes a village and team effort to collaborate your efforts in winning a CRE deal.

2. Draw on Individual Strengths - Make sure to bring in key team members for RFP's or special client meetings so they can showcase their expertise that matches your clients needs.

3. Leverage Your Talent - Never underestimate the "rookie" on the team.  Learn from the young who can also teach the old.

4. Take Calculated Risks - Mix it up, try new things.  It's not a one size fits all in CRE nor are the moves that the Royals are pulling--bunting, pitching and stealing, all a great recipe for closing the deal.

5. Make it Fun - Just like the KC Royals have made the playoffs and into the World series exciting so must our presentations.

6. Prepare for Extra Innings - You're not going to clinch the first deal you go after, nor did the Royals are their first night in the World Series.  So make sure you are in this for the long haul.  Keep preparing and learning from each deal.

7. Celebrate Wins Along the Way - That first deal you might get could only be a 900 sf space but it's still a win- you got the deal now go lease it!  Celebrating even the little wins keeps the momentum positive, by driving the passion to succeed for your next big deal!

8. Be Unique - "Unique" is truly what the Royals have shown this season as they have shown their "realness" from their reactions on the field and their efforts to engage their fans.  Do the same with your clients and make sure you are unique with their needs and their property.

9. Never Give Up - A true leader never gives up!  Take a lesson from the determination the Royals have had this season and as leaders in the CRE field, make sure you show this to your peers and clients as you will do what it takes to get the deal done!

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Lou Serrone
Sr. Vice President-Director of Brokerage
Block Real Estate Services, LLC

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