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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Change Of Seasons: Prep Your Property for Fall

Is your property fall ready?  Each season your property goes through changes in  weather conditions, and gets one season older! To keep your property in tip top shape year round it's helpful to conduct seasonal maintenance. Taking the measures today to prepare your property for the changing season assists with minimizing the damages associated with the change of seasons.  Below are a few helpful tips to get a jump on the season and prep your property for the changing seasons:

Service Heating System
Fall is the perfect time of year to service your boilers and heating equipment to ensure they're prepared for the changing season.  It is essential to make sure that boiler, furnace, and other heating systems are clean before turning them on. Change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector, and turn on your furnaces to make sure they work before you actually need them. Always call your maintenance service company to check and ensure your system is working correctly or to perform any repairs.

Check HVAC System
During the  Fall is when your properties' HVAC system should start the transition to "free cooling" from mechanical cooling.  During the colder months, properties utilize economizers and the outside air dampers to provide cooling in lieu of chilled water systems and compressors.  You must maintain the delicate balance between supply, relief, and exhaust. This will ensure the property keeps a slight positive pressure and prevents you from drawing cold air in or letting the  heat out through open doors. Be sure to check your buildings economizers to keep your tenants comfortable while controlling utility costs.

Winterize Irrigation Systems
Fall is the best time to check outside water sources and irrigation systems. When checking these exposed pipes be sure to shut off all water spigots. Look for defective: exterior, mechanical room heaters , and draining cooling towers. This will often  prevent the costly repair of  frozen and broken pipes during the winters cold and icy grip.

Fall is a great time to start planning projects for the upcoming year. Block Maintenance Solutions (BMS), assist our property managers in identifying issues with properties that will  need to be repaired. Learn more about prepping your property for changing seasons by reading our blog," Prep Your Property For Cold Seasons".

Contributing Author:

Scott Hamblen
Director of Block Maintenance Solutions
Block Real Estate Services

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