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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ten Ways to Stay on Top of Technology Trends

Ten Ways to Stay on Top of Technology Trends

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is no longer in the "dark ages" of technology. Innovative tools and techniques are more present than ever in CRE. Keeping current on the most relevant technology trends can put a CRE professional ahead of the game and brand them as a thought leader and innovator in the industry. Here are 10 ways to stay on top of technology trends:

1. Visionary Leadership: surround yourself with visionary leaders who look to the future. Their curiosity and urge to explore new trends will inspire you. Visionary leaders are also more likely to support initiatives that align with and seek out technology trends.

2. Follow The Leaders: follow the leaders in your industry too see what is on the horizon and how to apply "the latest and greatest" tools to your business. Here are a few CRE-focused bloggers that share insight on trends and how they can be used in the industry:
3. Social Media: maintaining and monitoring a social media presence is also another great way to be on the front line of discussions around technology trends. Twitter and LinkedIn are ideal social media platforms to read and share about trends.

4. Google Alerts: Google Alerts allows you to get email alerts whenever content is published online that relates to a keyword you determine. For instance, you could have an alert set up for "commercial real estate software" to get notices about new software products being released.

5. Google Trends: Google Trends is an area where you can see what topics are trending on Google search results across a variety of topics, keeping a professional current on the trends that are important across different client industries and interests.

6. Hire Young Talent: hire young talent that can keep you updated on what is the "hottest" in tech trends.

7. Always Ask Questions: always ask questions about the processes and tools you use for your business. What are the pain points? What could be better? What impact could this technology have on my company?

8. Be a leader: always be trying out new tools and researching trends so you are ahead of the curve. This brands you as a cutting-edge thought leader in the industry and also gives you a deeper understanding of the capabilities of the tools available.

9. Go to Conferences: going to tech and industry conferences is one of the best ways to learn what the experts are using in their everyday work.

10. Walk the talk: being innovative requires doing innovative things. Implement the trends, technology and best practices you are reading about and be an example for others to follow.

At Block Real Estate Services, we pride ourselves on working ahead of the curve. Last year, we launched our mobile site and shared the importance of going mobile in this blog post.

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Hunter Johnson
Vice President
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