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Thursday, July 10, 2014

CRE Fundamentals: Promoting a Property

During the evolution of winning a listing and then finding a buyer to sign a contract, a broker leans heavily on
CRE Fundamentals: Promoting a Proerty
their sales and negotiating skills. However, refined marketing strategy can also accelerate this process to make the right connection that makes the deal. Below, are three strategies our brokers keep top of mind when promoting their properties. 

Know Your Audience, Target Your Audience 
Finding the right buyer is about knowing what kind of buyer the property would appeal to. Our brokers try to think, "It's not about the building. It's about what I can offer to the potential customer." Figuring out what types of value the building possesses and then matching that up with the right client or industry will lend to marketing success.  To find the potential customer we typically use SIC codes to find the right business type and connect with the key decision makers via direct email marketing.  

Track Your Audience
CRE Fundamentals: Promoting a Property Once they have done the research to target their ideal customers, our brokers use analytics to track specific direct marketing efforts. Brokers also have individual landing pages to showcase their listings and contact information. Therefore, a broker can know which prospects went to the landing page we mailed them about. Digital marketing efforts like email and banner ads can be tracked down to the click using email marketing and Google Analytics reporting. Brokers showcase slide shows of property information on SlideShare to boost their online presence and improve search rankings, as well. This allows brokers to drill down, target and then re-market to their most valuable prospects. For instance, this Parkway Medical Plaza property is targeted to medical professionals within a 5 mile radius that we track over a variety of channels. 

Appeal To Your Audience
It's also important to think about the differentiating the factors that stand out about the property. Certain aspects could be potentially appealing to a certain target audience, like: 
  • Location
  • Move-in ready status
  • Loading docks
  • Highway accessibility 
  • Proximity to airport 
    Parkway Medical Plaza Direct Mail Piece
    Parkway Medical Plaza Direct Mail Piece
Since you are selling your services and integrity along with the property, marketing materials should communicate the value the building in a branded, polished format that looks professional. Above is a direct mail piece we utilized for the aforementioned The Parkway Medical Plaza. You can see how these marketing pieces aim to communicate the brand and property benefits in a visually appealing way. 

If you're looking for more tips on making the deal, check out these prospecting tips on our blog post. 

Paige Salveter, Block Real Estate Services
Paige Salveter, MBA
Director of Marketing and Communications
Block Real Estate Services

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