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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Elevate Your CRE Career

Anne Lemon Block Real Estate Services
Many professionals who are seeking to establish a well-constructed and diversified career often forget to turn to professional organizations. Becoming part of a strong commercial real estate professional network and professional organizations can develop leadership qualities and take an individual to new levels of achievement. Anne Lemon, CPM is an Associate Director of Property Management for Block Real Estates Services, LLC (BRES) has experienced the positive benefits of getting involved and has illustrated its benefits.  Here are a few reasons why getting involved elevates your CRE career: 

Getting Involved Allows you to Participate
In Anne’s blog post she writes, “One of the best things I did early on in my career is join a professional organization.  No matter what industry you are in, professional organizations enhance your career, and your life!”  Volunteering in an organization that’s right for you can benefit an individual professionally and personally. Getting involved allows you to highlight your career goals and initiatives while being part of something that is bigger than yourself. Participating allows you to gain respect from peers, gain credibility and experience within your profession.  Groundbreaking research from the Corporation for National and Community Service shows that volunteers have an increased likelihood of finding future employment.

Allows you to Network
It's all about who you know and becoming involved can take your networking to the next level.  Professional organizations create natural networking environments that allow you to build connections and relationships. Networking through organizations provides opportunities to collaborate with industry professional, meet potential clients, and learn industry politics. Anne has been active in the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) organization locally and nationally. She served on IREM’s Ethics and Discipline Committee, Ethics Hearing, and Discipline Committee, and the Student and Academic Outreach Advisory Board. “By joining the IREM group, I met a multitude of people in my industry as well as built relationships with many industry partners. Joining a professional organization gives you the opportunity to add to something that is bigger than yourself”, states Anne.  Click here to read more about why Anne believes in the importance of getting involved. 

Broaden your Knowledge
Organizations such as IREM also encourages superior business management.  These organizations focus on a flourishing environment that is dedicated to providing professionals of all levels continuing education, ethical business practices, and latest in industry advocacy.  Getting involved allows you to build your credentials through courses, certifications, increase service skills, and stay on top of industry requirements.  Over the years with IREM, Anne has earned her ARM accreditation, her CPM designation, and received multiple honors from the IREM Kansas City chapter. Find ways you can build your resume and knowledge with IREM here.

BRES takes pride in being a part of the local community and organizations.  Having our employees embody outgoing representatives  that are involved in the community allows us to continually grow and develop as a business. BRES is proud that our employee, Anne Lemon, has taken such big strides with her leadership in IREM. We’re excited to announce that Anne Lemon has recently been appointed IREM’s Regional Vice President. Click here to read more about this honor. 

Congratulations, Anne! BRES knows you will continue to strive to have a positive impact on in the community, and promote best practices! We’re proud to have you on our team! Click here to connect with Anne. 

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  1. Congratulations on your appointment! Great blog post too! I love to see fellow CPM and property managers writing blogs. We need more of us out there!! Great to meet you.