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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Strong CRE portfolio is like a Thanksgiving Meal

A Strong CRE portfolio is like a Thanksgiving Meal
A strong commercial real estate portfolio is an essential key to success that allows companies to analyze and pursue realistic business goals. Putting together a strong Commercial Real Estate (CRE) portfolio is like prepping the elements of a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner. You need just the right balance of the food pyramid to ensure a healthy, yet tasty meal.  Learn how you can prepare a strong CRE portfolio like a delicious Thanksgiving meal: 

The Turkey= Planning
Like your CRE portfolio, Thanksgiving turkeys require a lot of planning and effort. You must buy, remove, season, and bake your potential properties to prepare an appetizing meal. Here are some aspects of planning that are important to keep in mind:

  • When looking at the properties, you must inspect the asset itself before buying into a contract. Analyzing the area helps to remove the risk of possible changes that might occur in the area and devalue the assets to be acquired. 
  • After removing potential risks, you’re now able stuff and season your contract conditions to the flavor of your liking. 
  • When reaching a mutual agreement with other parties, you're able to bake your property to what is hoped to be a successful investment.

   Mashed Potatoes = Risk Management
Managing rental risks are like mashed potatoes- they are side items that you can't be without. You have the ability to prep, but you have to wait for them to boil to the right temperature to ensure they're cooked through. Just like mashed potatoes, you should strategically have multiple renewal options that allow you to have rights of refusal or negotiations on surrounding for well-boiled management risks system you. Once the renewal options are negotiated, you can mash your way into the property under your conditions.  Here are a few tips from building.com to manage your risks: 
o   Involve the Entire Project Team
o   Identify Risks Early
o   Communicate
o   Analyze and Prioritize
o   Plan and Implement Risk Response

Pumpkin Pie = Metrics
The quintessential grand finale of Thanksgiving meal is the pumpkin pie. It’s the part of the meal that everyone looks forward to and the same can be said about metrics when it comes to a CRE portfolio. Having optimized metrics in a CRE portfolio is the key to the completion of a successful business plan. “The best portfolios perform at an optimized level at every location." When you install the perfect metrics to carefully analyze your properties, it allows you to identify which commercial properties are most beneficial for your company, and where you should cut cost to get to the sweet stuff. 

A strong commercial real estate portfolio consist of many efforts that ensure investments are well thought out. The advantages help companies increase profits and reduce loss footprints.  These portfolio's help define equilibrium, and establish a more equipped company in the constantly changing market.  See how the experts at Block Real Estate services can help you put together a CRE portfolio that you are sure to be thankful for! 

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