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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tech Tools For CRE

Tech Tools for CRE
Supplementing daily business routines with technology can not only make a commercial real estate professional's life easier, it can also get them ahead of the game. Below, we detail four tools that we at Block Real Estate Services (BRES) have found useful and have helped us offer cutting-edge service in the industry:

1. Multivista 
Multivista is a visual documentation technology company that provides photo, video and webcam services to the construction industry. Inspection-grade, digital photography is indexed to architectural plans by time and location preserving a perfect record of every aspect of the project lifecycle.  This enables team members on a project to isolate issues and showcase success down to the most specific detail. BRES has used this technology to help predict problems before they happen and have a detailed record of every project step. 

 2. Search Engine Optimization 
Making your business, your projects, your listing visible on the Internet can be instrumental in bringing in leads and prospects. SEO can be done from the most basic of levels with simple adjustments and tracking to hiring a marketing firm to handle your search engine marketing full-time. BRES has found success in this arena by utilizing Google Analytics tools to improve site functions and appeal to search engines. Learn about our Top 5 Google Analytics Tools for CRE

3. Listen To The People 
Focusing on property management, technology can be a fantastic resource to communicate directly with tenants. At BRES, our property managers utilize a technology tool called Corrigo. This system enables tenants to easily submit maintenance requests regarding maintenance requests, which are seamlessly communicated to the property manager for ease of resolution. All issues are tracked, as well, so that we as a company can gauge and improve upon our timeliness of resolving issues. We also utilize an online survey tool to track the sentiment of tenants and make sure that we are doing our job. 

4. There's an App for That
In an on-the-go world, having tech tools at your fingertips can make a CRE professional's everyday activities even more efficient. From note organization to picture editing and sharing, there are a variety of apps that we have found useful. Here are our favorite free CRE apps. 

An important note is to make sure technology an aid, not a distraction. Look for a need or a problem and then explore if technology is a viable option to help. 

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