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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Benefits of Design-Build

The benefits of design-build
Though Design-build is not a new concept by any means, the use of this process has recently grown significantly, as businesses and governments strive to make projects more efficient. Design-build is a project delivery system where the owner chooses a singular entity to handle the entire execution of a project - from design to construction. This streamlined approach ventures from the traditional system of preparing plans from a design and then seeking bids from contractors.

This process was touted recently in a Kansas City Star article that shared how design-build is gaining popularity and profits in Kansas City.  At Block Real Estate Services (BRES), we have found success using the design-build approach by consolidating the firms involved in a project to two or three firms with strengths that compliment each other, instead of spreading the responsibilities across many firms. We used this design-build approach for the Teva headquarters construction and the project's progress is topping all expectations. Read more about the Teva project here. Here is our take on the benefits of a design-build approach:

Everyone plays for the same team
All members of the project are working towards the same goal, establishing a natural "we're in this together" culture around the project. When unforeseen challenges and obstacles arise, placing blame is not an option. All team members must address the problem and find a solution quickly to meet the demands of the client. Everyone being from the same team also (hopefully) streamlines communication, as well, since all team members work under the same umbrella.

Accountability and problem identification
In a design-build project, a singular entity focuses on the project from start to finish. Therefore, the owner does not have to deal with multiple contracts or manage divided responsibilities among parties. Because of this, it is easier to identify and solve problems faster. Also, placing singular responsibility on a project can be a very powerful motivator in driving a project to a quality completion.

Efficiency and cost-savings
Because design-build can help accurately conceptualize a project at its early stages, this process can help save money before construction even starts. During the project, construction and design work as a team, addressing problems and moving through the project more fluidly to keep costs low. Finally, bringing all duties for a project under one roof can help identify project costs early on and eliminate change orders.

Faster turnaround 
The undeniable benefit of a design-build project is the efficiency of completion. With a singular team and less moving parts, a project can be completed much more efficiently and with less costs involved.

A disclaimer on the design-build process is that it is only as good as the choice firms you select to manage the project. In order to have successful results with this approach, owners should be sure to be actively involved in selecting a firm to head the project on a design-build project delivery. Contact us at Block Construction Services, (a BRES Service) to learn more about how we can help you with your design-build needs.

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