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Thursday, August 22, 2013

How To Welcome A New Tenant

how to welcome a new tenant
Whether it's a multifamily residential project or a retail / office space, welcoming a new tenant is part of the property management process. The contracts may be signed, but the deal is not over. A property manager needs to make sure that the tenant feels as comfortable as possible in their new space. Rolling out the welcome mat for tenants will set the foundation for a healthy, long-term tenant relationship. We at Block Real Estate Services (BRES) are preparing to move Teva Pharmaceuticals into their new office home. Learn more about the Teva project here. As we approach the Teva move-in date, we thought it would be nice to reflect on the right way to welcome a new tenant...

Write A Letter 
Write a letter welcoming your tenant to the building. This should be friendly, but most importantly, be informative. This will be where you let the tenant know the best ways to contact you. Be sure to include:
  • Phone 
  • Email 
  • Preferred method of contact
  • How to submit requests for maintenance 

Lay Down The Ground Rules
Part of starting out on the right foot with a tenant is also making the expectations clear between both parties. Let the tenant know of any penalties involved with late rent or property damage upfront and in writing so that if a problem does come up down the line, you have a written document to refer to.

Address Any Immediate Issues
Be sure to make sure that the tenant feels completely comfortable in the space they are moving in to. Part of this is ensuring the tenant feels the most at ease as they move into the space. Requests, issues and concerns could naturally arise as the tenant moves into the space. Be sure to address any of these issues in a timely manner so that the tenant feels cared for.

Pay A Visit 
A little face to face contact never hurts and can establish a more personal connection with the tenant. Stop by with bagels, a gift basket or just to say hi. Ask the tenant how they are doing, how they are liking the space. Let them know about the best places in the area to eat lunch, go shopping or grab happy hour. Even if the tenant is as happy as a clam in the new space, this will show that their property manager cares.

Courting a tenant doesn't cease when they move in. Part of a property manager's job is to make sure the tenant feels pleased with their decision to lease from you. This starts by properly welcoming a new tenant. Learn more about how we roll out the welcome mat and service our properties. 

Contributing Author:

Mikele Torgler

VP of Property Management
Block Real Estate Services

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