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Friday, January 16, 2015

Utilizing Content Marketing in Multifamily Housing

Content is King!
Utilizing Content Marketing in Multifamily Housing

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, stated back in 1996, that “Content is King.” Mr. Gates has always been a forward thinker, as the Internet was only a shell of what it is today back then. Fast forward to today; content is said to not be the king, but the servant to the real king, the audience you are trying to attract. The changing dynamics of the web coupled with the evolution of social media delivers multiple channels to distribute our message. But in an industry that makes it money from putting people behind doors and keeping them there, what should that message be?

Content marketing is focused not on selling, but on simply communicating effectively with customers and prospects. The idea is to create content that will support your business, educate the consumer and allow you to stand out among your competitors. Creating high-impact content is proven valuable to promote customer engagement, brand awareness and enhance your online presence. Content marketing can assist in generating leads and ultimately acquiring customers. With today’s consumers making traditional marketing methods irrelevant, content marketing has become the new strategy for creating inbound traffic and leads, which are being used my marketing experts worldwide.

The key to content marketing is to focus on who your audience is and what they want. You need to understand the unique context of what your audience is seeking so you can create content that resonates to them. Content marketing is inherently local in nature, and nothing is more local than where you live. The term “hyper-local” is often used for a specific demographic or segment of customers in a defined geographical location. As community websites are deemed “hyper-local” - it is critical that it becomes the hub and distribution center of that local content. This will set you apart as a trusted resource of information for the local community.

Content marketing provides the multifamily industry with the opportunity to effectively market individual apartment communities across multiple online channels. Through the utilization of an integrated social media distribution approach, content that originates directly on a website has proven to be most effective in driving new traffic, enhancing the community brand, and engaging prospects and residents. By investing time and energy into content marketing, high quality SEO is created, online authority is built and ownership of online media presence is established.

Through tracking data points across multiple platforms, statistics clearly established that content marketing for apartment communities is the next frontier for cross marketing to both future and existing residents. The benefits of content marketing are endless, it places your community in a better position to be found online, motivates the reader to seek you out and enhances your online branding efforts. The next generation marketing platform for apartment communities has arrived.

Guest Contributor:
Kerry Kirby - CEO 365 Connect

Kerry W. Kirby, CEO
365 Connect
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Kerry W. Kirby is the founder and CEO of 365 Connect, an award-winning technology platform provider that exclusively serves the multifamily housing industry. Kirby is a renowned speaker, author and media expert on technology. He has published numerous technology articles, case studies and is a contributor to several nationally-published books on real estate and technology. Kirby has been a guest lecturer at schools, colleges and universities, and a featured speaker and panelist at numerous national and regional events. His passion to foster the next generation of technology innovators has made him one of the most notable supporters of technology and educational events in the New Orleans area. To date, Kirby has led 365 Connect to receive 24 technology awards, including the Louisiana Governor’s Technology Award, and numerous national and international awards. Kirby has been named to the Silicon Bayou 100 List as one of the most influential people in technology and entrepreneurship in Louisiana 4 years in a row.

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