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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Best Productivity Apps for iOS and Android

The Best Productivity Apps for iPhone and Android

Do you have a smartphone in your possession? Most likely, you do. Sure, you use it to talk, to email, to text message. However, are you as a business professional using this tool to its full potential? Maybe not. Here are some of the best productivity apps for Android and iPhone to help a CRE professional use their tools and time to their best ability. - 

Productivity for Business 

Office Suite Pro
Office Suite Pro - this amazing app gives you the full functionality of the Office products you use on desktop on your mobile device. The user experience is colorful and easy-to-use. This enables a mobile CRE broker to easily share and edit documents even if they are away from their desk.
TaskerTasker - the Tasker apps allows the user to set their own rules for intelligent automation. You can have the ring tone and volume change depending on location, time of day, based on current calendar events and even have  it route calls to different numbers if you are in a specific place. This is ideal for the on-the-go CRE professional.

Gneo - perfect for a broker with a long cold call list, Gneospecializes in helping with follow ups and reminders. This app integrates with Evernote to remind the user when deadline approach and also helps list the day's tasks and arrange them in order of priority.

Scanner Pro - ideal for quickly scanning and saving digital versions of paper documents so that you stay
Scanner Pro
organized, secure and never lose a scrap of an important piece of paper. 
Smart FormsTake yourself and your CRE business paperless! Turn your existing documents into smart forms that can perform calculations, create template fields, capture images, and capture signatures.

CRE Mapping and Demos

Google Earth - commercial real estate pros can use Google Earth to show clients aerial property images and street views.  Layers include roads, borders, places, and photos.

ESRI - enables CRE professionals to get valuable info about key demographic and market facts on any 
location in the U.S.

Regis Go
 Regis GO -Lets commercial real estate professionals instantly compare the demographics of sites to one another.
Block Real Estate Services (BRES) strives to meet their clients goals as quickly as possible and we have found a lot of these apps to increase our productivity and serve our clients better!  


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