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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Cool Down - How To Deal With Hotheads in Business

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As of last Friday, it is officially summer and the temperatures aren't the only thing that can get hot. In the competitive industry of commercial real estate, one is bound to encounter a hothead or two. This could be a co-worker who always has a hostile demeanor or a client who flies off the handle at the tiniest details. Regardless, it's important to keep one's cool and work with said "hot head" in a way that won't derail the progress of your work. Here are some tips for a person who is blowing their top in the workplace:

Acknowledge The Problem 
Let the person know you understand that they are upset. The last thing that a hotheaded person wants to hear is why they shouldn't be upset. Or worse, they are ignored when they are expressing their dissatisfaction and eventually blow up on a larger scale. Recognize that they are upset and try to pinpoint the problem. You can say something like "I can sense that you're upset. Can we talk about it?" This is an essential step to understanding where the hotheaded person is coming from and how you can help.  

Let Them Speak Their Peace 
Regardless of whether you agree with them or not, let the hotheaded person speak their peace: 
  • Listen to them without interrupting (unless they ask for your input). 
  • Look interested in your facial expressions and meet the gaze of the speaker from time to time without being intimidating. 
  • Follow and encourage the person with body language - nodding your head will indicate that you hear what they are saying and encourage them to continue. 
  • Be relaxed and attentive in your posture to make the person feel at ease. 

Make Sure You're On The Same Page
After hearing out their concerns, try to sum up the issues and relay it back to them. Focusing and numbering three to four points that need to be addressed will help the person feel you are taking a serious and organized approach to their feelings. For instance, you could say, "So from what I understand, you are not happy with A, B and C." Make sure that you are on the same page with how they are feeling so you can properly address the problem. 

Offer The Help You Can Deliver On 
After verifying the issues at hand with the person, identify the areas that you can help with. You may not be able to get a plumbing issue fixed in in the next 24 hours, but you could offer to call a plumber you trust and ask a special favor for him to expedite the process as much as possible. An important note on this is to make sure that you are able to deliver on the help you commit to. If you don't, there could be an even bigger blow-up down the line. 

Keep Your Cool And Know When To Draw The Line
Through the whole process, it's important to keep your own cool. Do not let the words of the person fire you up to the point that your thinking may be clouded. Reacting in an aggressive way could amount to even more conflict. However, it is also important to realize when a person is inconsolable and it is not in your power to help them see reason. If the angry person reaches a point of blind rage and cannot be helped, it is important to recognize when you need to draw the line and walk away. It is best to let the hotheaded person understand that you are willing to help and work with them, but will not tolerate verbal abuse. Be empathetic, but also keep in mind when you need to set your boundaries.

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Paige Salveter
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