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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Architectural Design for Commercial Development

Architectural Design for Commercial Development
Architects work to improve the built environment. Along with the economic and functional needs of a project, an individual architect will bring their design sensibilities to the project which will affect the aesthetic outcome. What is consistent with all projects is that when a building or buildings are constructed, they will look like something.

Some key consideration; should a building blend in with its surroundings? Should the building be  be contemporary or traditional? Should the building's aesthetics be dictated by  environmental considerations? Historically, clients have had a very strong concept of the budget and function of their project with a lessor commitment to understanding of the aesthetic design direction.

Get the Community Involved
Active private community groups, surrounding property owners, city planners, city commissioners and city council members will all be involved in a project's city approval process and the subsequent success or failure of a project. The right architect will pay attention to the aesthetic characteristics of the community and the city regulations which influences the approval process. There are multiple, specific guidelines that must be met, and if they are not, the team will waste a considerable amount of time pursuing a direction that will not receive approval.

A successful city design submission begins with the integration of the primary stakeholders in the community in the design process. Community meetings and pre-application conferences go a long way to insure a successful and supportive reaction to the proposed building when seeking the necessary approvals.  Aesthetics will matter to the entire community and certainly to the building’s owner and end-user.

Interview for Success
A design direction is a permanent decision building owners and developers should evaluate architects on multiple levels. Utilizing an interview process to asses multiple achitectural firms is one way that an owner can gain an understanding of what to expect from the firm they hire. Once a project is underway, key design decisions happen early on and, to varying degrees, happen quickly. Gaining an understanding of the aesthetic sensibilities of a design professional is critical in the selection process, as the outcome of the design can be anticipated beforehand.

Keep the Client's Character in Mind
Design aesthetics will affect property value and lease-ability. In a competitive environment, commercial developments need to consider character. Prospective tenants are looking to reinforce their corporate identity, and the building they office in is a reflection of who they are. When possible properties are within a competitive range, the design will be a deciding factor in their decision making process.

An architect for a commercial development project needs to be aware of the community and stakeholders involved in a project and show how their design aesthetics will work with the character of the client. To learn more about how Hoefer Wysocki Architecture firm tackles their commercial development projects, visit their blog.

Guest Contributor:
Kevin Berman Hoefer Wysocki Architecture

Kevin Berman, Principal
Hoefer Wysocki Architecture


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