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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Corporate Responsibility: Giving Back to the Community and Employees

corporate social responsibility
Corporate Responsibility is not only important for a company's long-term marketing strategy, but also is key to recruiting and retaining good employees. As these infographics from Forbes show, working for a company that believes in corporate social responsibility is important to employees. In this survey, 53% of workers answered that a job where they could make an impact was important to their happiness. See the full article in Forbes. 

corporate social responsibility

Block Real Estate Services (BRES) strives to incorporate social responsibility into company culture through planning and sponsoring events for causes that are important to employees. Here are some examples of ways to get involved in community efforts that your employees can get behind: 

TLC Groundhog Run
  • Enter Your Company as a Team for a Run
    Running as a team for a good cause is a great way to bring employees together and benefit the community. BRES annually participates in the TLC Groundhog Run to benefit the Therapeutic Learning Center, where children go to overcome obstacles and disabilities through therapy.

  • Plan a Company Event Around a Cause You can also get employees involved at the office by planning events around causes. BRES planned a bracket and events during the March Madness season to benefit the MS Society

  • Get Employees Involved in an Event 
    Getting employees involved hands-on in a community project or event in the office is the best way for them to make a connection with a cause. This year, BRES is splitting the office into teams to raise food items for Harvesters. Each team focuses on raising different food items, like proteins, fruits, and sugar-free dessert. BRES also has 20 different food collection barrels over the Kansas City Area and aims to donate 200 boxed lunches to Youth-at-Risk through the teams' efforts.

While its important to give back to the community, its also important for the company to give back to employees. Host events to let your employees get to relax and know each other. This will improve their happiness at work, productivity level and ability to work in teams. BRES hosted a company picnic for their employees to bond over delectable food on a sunny spring day.
Company Picnic Corporate Social Responsibility
Learn more about how BRES employees are giving back to the community in this blog post and watch our company picnic video. 

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Director of Marketing and Communications
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