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Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 CRE Networking Tips To Help You Stand Out

5 CRE Networking Tips To Help You Stand Out
NETWORKING IS KING! Becoming a strong commercial real estate professional can rely on networking and establishing core connections. Networking is easy if you do it right, and can be done everywhere. Below, are five networking tips that allow you to stand out in CRE:

1. Join Industry Organizations
Joining professional organizations create organic networking environments that allow you to build connections and relationships. Networking through organizations provides opportunities to collaborate with industry professionals, meet potential clients, and learn industry politics. Many organizations offer continuing education that start from beginning to expert levels.  IREM, SIOR, and CCIM are just a few commercial real estate organizations that offer educational and networking events to broaden industry knowledge.

2. Be Connected
Connect, Connect Connect..... everywhere you go,  before, during and after! When attending an event, check the guest list via social media or email threads prior to the event. Look at the attendees and make a list of 4-5 people you want to meet during the event. Make sure to engage by commenting when appropriate and ask great questions, which shows you are an active listener and illustrates that you're genuinely engaged.

3. Get Social
5 CRE Networking Tips To Help You Stand Out
Connecting socially opens the doors to meet face-to-face!  Connect with associates, industries, other professionals and business partners. Best social media sources for CRE professionals has proven to be: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. Connecting through social media assists in building your professional networks, helps identify additional organizations of interest, and gives you the ability to open up your network across a wide span.

4. Create an Online Presence
"Have you Googled yourself lately?"  Make sure you're out there and if you are out there what is being said? Your online presence is as essential as having a business card. Today's world likes to have information at their finger tips-but make sure the information out there is the persona you want to project. The more informative information you share helps build trust and allows people to envision you as a leader.  Ways to set you a part could be:

1. Create your own website
2. Have landing pages of your properties, developments or case studies
3. And of course, create your social media presence

All of these help you to establish your leadership quality online, and please, make sure you have a "real and current" image of yourself. It's hard to trust the source if you can't see the face.

5. Send "Thanks"
Saying thanks is a simple yet powerful way to stand out at events. After meeting someone who you had a conversation with follow up with a "thank you" message (email is great-LinkedIn is even better). This gesture shows you genuinely cared and held value in the conversation. An office team survey states, "17% of managers say one of the biggest mistakes people make is not saying thank you". Sending thanks displays that you would like to connect in the future and that you're memorable.

Standing out when networking is vital. How do you prefer to connect?

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