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Thursday, August 7, 2014

3 Ways to Foster Tenant Relations

3 Ways to Foster Tenant RelationshipsFostering tenant relationships is essential in property management. With the current market belonging to renters it is crucial for property managers to sharpen skills, attract new prospects, satisfy current tenants, and adhere to achieving ideal rental rates. At Block Real Estate Services, LLC (BRES) our property managers incorporate a variety of strategies to effectively harbor positive environments and add value to our properties. Below, we assembled three tactics that help foster a positive tenant relationship:

1. Creating Value
There are many aspects to consider when creating value for tenants. Presenting a good product,  scheduling regular tenant improvements, and offering specials are just a few essential pieces of the puzzle. Offering these incentives impresses prospective tenants, rewards current tenants, and adds a desirable value to the property. See how BRES created value with our tenants Henderson Engineers, Inc.

2. Routine Maintenance
Establishing a regular maintenance routine that includes both long and short-term goals is vital in maintaining property value. Prioritizing work orders and having the right maintenance team, such as Block Maintenance Solutions (BMS), assist in keeping properties in tip top shape, maintaining relationships with tenants, all helping to reduce future expenses. How do we do this? 

Ensure landscape and common spaces are clean
• Perform regular pest control maintenance
Have a maintenance request timeline with prompt follow-ups

3. Excellent Customer Service
Property managers need to be proactive in meeting the needs of tenants and maximizing the asset value to owners. Creating a sought after property relies on maintaining great customer service. It is the property manager's job to anticipate and exceed the needs of our tenants. Tenants need to feel like they can simply pick up the phone and talk to someone when issues arise. Acting as a friendly buffer and letting tenants know that a solution will be found fosters a good tenant relationships. 

Looking to foster an ideal relationship with your property? Click here to see how the BRES property management team can assist.

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