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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Best Places to Meet For Business in Kansas City

The Best Places to Meet in Kansas City A commercial real estate profession goes beyond being just a desk job. With walk-throughs and tours, coffee meetings and luncheons, CRE folk are very much on the go. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to find your "working home away from home" when seeking out meeting places. Having some standard meeting places around town shows that you know the city when a client suggests meeting in a certain area of town and you "know just the place". All of this prompted us to take a look at the Kansas City area and compile these best places to meet in Kansas City depending on what area of town you are in.

North Kansas City - First Watch / Latte Land
Ideal for a quick coffee, breakfast or lunch gathering, the First Watch on Armour is your North Kansas City spot for a meeting of the minds. There is ever-flowing hot coffee and the crowd is much quieter than the weekend brunch rush, so conversation is easy to hear. We have found that business breakfast meetings are welcomed and even encouraged across all the First Watch locations in the city. They also have locations in Westport, Prairie Village, Fairway, Shawnee, Overland Park and Olathe. Latte Land in Briarcliff Village is also a great option if you are going to have more attendees at your meeting or need more space for your meeting. They have a conference room that you can reserve for no fee and has free Wi-fi. Learn more here.

Downtown Kansas City - The Marriott
Downtown hosts a wide variety of coffee shops and cafes, so many would gravitate towards finding the closest Starbucks equivalent when planning a downtown meeting. However, with the surge of downtown development and with more people living and working in the area, these shops can be jam-packed and loud depending on the time of day. A good alternative is grabbing a coffee from the café in the downtown KC Marriott and finding a seat at one of the tables or couches in the lobby with your client. You get all the perks of the coffee shop (caffeine and Wi-Fi) in a quieter collaboration space.

Midtown / Plaza / Brookside - Panera / The Roasterie
In the Plaza / Midtown / Brookside area, you have are in close proximity several Panera locations that are ideal meeting places. Sometimes, the music in these locations can be a little loud, but the staff is generally happy to turn it down a notch if you ask. Click here to see the Panera locations that are convenient for this area. The Roasterie Cafe in Brookside is another ideal meeting space. During the warmer months, you and your client can even enjoy a drink and talk business on the sunny patio.

Overland Park / Prairie Village General Area - Coffee Shops
Contrary to downtown, the coffee shops in the Overland Park and Prairie Village area are less busy and offer better accommodations for meetings. Here are some top shops to set up shop for your next meeting in this area:
Now, the next time that a client proposes having a meeting in whatever part of the city, you'll have an idea of what to throw on the meeting maker. Do you have any other favorite meeting places around the city that didn't make our list? Tweet them our way to @BlockRes.

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