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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Optimizing LinkedIn for Recruitment

Optimizing linkedin for recruitment

LinkedIn, the social networking site, has many opportunities for commercial real estate companies. LinkedIn not only can help a professional with networking, but can also play a major role in HR recruiting strategies. This post will show you how to optimize LinkedIn as an essential business tool, and reach your company’s full potential when it comes to recruitment marketing.

Update Company Profile
LinkedIn profiles market company reputation, culture, convey company goals, engage prospective clients, and employees. Having an updated profile makes it easy for a potential employee to get a holistic snapshot of your company and services. When updating the company profile make sure your checklist includes:

  • Logos & Cover Images (646 x 200)
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Location
  • Specialties
  • History
  • Career Opportunities/ Job Postings
  • Product/ Services
  • Links to the company website/ social networks 
It is also a good idea to regularly post updates to your profile regarding press releases, employee accolades and articles related to your company. These updates need not be on a daily basis, but should be updated weekly as fit to help guide potential employees to relevant information regarding your company.

Creating LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn ads are a paid advertising tool that LinkedIn offers. You can display your open position to the LinkedIn network and target those who would make good candidates. You have the room to choose visuals, branding, and calls to action There can be up to fifteen different ads in each campaign. Choosing the company goal, target, and creative perspective will get the company's ad started off in the right direction. Here are some high-level tips when approaching LinkedIn ads:

  • Ad Campaign Name: Be sure to name your campaign something relevant to your company's branding and advertising goals.
  • Ad Destination:  Every LinkedIn profile gets to choose how to direct your audience by selecting to send them to the company's website or one of their social networks.
  • Ad Copy & Image: LinkedIn Ads allow you:
    • Image: 50 x 50 icon
    • Ad Title Headline Length can be up to 25 characters.
    • Ad Body Description Length: allowed is 75 characters across 2 lines.

Click here to visit the LinkedIn ads help section to learn more. 

Employee’s Spreading the Word
Word of mouth is just as effective as if you met an employee in person.  Company employees are assets, and can contribute in advertising for your company.  Incorporating your employees in your LinkedIn recruitment strategy allows potential clients, and employees to find out the complex features of your organization.

  • Highlight employees’ for successes, and accomplishments. Allow them to engage on the company social profile and create conversation around your company. 
  • Have employees share your open position with their networks. 
Bringing your employees in on your efforts not only creates positive conversation around your brand, it also has the potential to attract all of  their personal social contacts increasing the frequency that you reach audiences.

Optimizing your company's LinkedIn profile has endless benefits. Accessing LinkedIn the right way can help boost your recruitment strategy and connect you with the right talent that will increase the value of your organization.


Paige Salveter
Director of Marketing & Communications
Block Real Estate Services

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