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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why You Need to be In KC | Distribution & Manufacturing

The infrastructure in the Kansas City region is the foundation of its success in attracting freight-based projects to the region. From the beginning, Kansas City has been a city focused on transportation and the movement of goods. Kansas City is truly supply chain centered and offers many distribution advantages. The ability to reach over 95 percent of the continental United States in two days is unmatched by any other region. Proximity to four major interstate highways and availability of all major modes of transportation also makes Kansas City the top tier logistics hub.

Kansas City is a successful economic development region because it excels at the 4 L’s: location, logistics, labor and love.


Kansas City is strategically located in the center of North America. The region is seeing significant growth in many areas including manufacturing, distribution, e-Commerce and more. Kansas City has always been a transportation hub in the US and because of this long history, the necessary infrastructure is already in place in the region.


Kansas City not only has access to all major modes of transportation but the cost of that transportation is lower than most comparable regions. We have access to four major interstate highways (I-29, I-35, I-49, I-70) which only a handful of other regions can claim. Kansas City is also the number one rail center in the US based on tonnage and is serviced by five class 1 railroads. We are also the number three top trucking center in country. Access to air cargo and barge are also keys to the logistic advantages of Kansas City. The Kansas City International Airport moves more air cargo each year than any air center in a six-state region and the Missouri -Mississippi River system is the largest navigable inland waterway. Last but not least, Kansas City offers more Foreign Trade Zone space than any other city in the US which adds appeal for international business in the region.


The current workforce in Kansas City is strong and the region is a growing population center which will only add to the attractive and available workforce here. In KC you can find Midwest values of a strong work ethic instilled in the region’s workforce that is unmatched. There is a strong movement of vertically integrating the human supply chain in KC by enhancing the supply chain and logistics educational offerings here as well. Students as early as middle and high school are being introduced to a possible careers in this industry through events and presentations. Community Colleges across the region are working together to create certifications, courses and degrees in the industry. Universities in the region are also supporting MBA and higher education programs in this area of study.


A strong sense of community is a phrase heard quite frequently when Kansas City is being described. Collaboration trumps competition for the greatest outcome of the region as a whole. The public sector has very strong support for transportation matters in Kansas City. The recent logistics growth is a testament to that. An example would be that the region is vertical ready, meaning our sites are ready to go vertical tomorrow if needed. While most other regions are shovel ready, the developers and public sector here have put in the extra “love” to ensure our region is ready for new expansion.

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