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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers - 4 Tips to Add Curb Appeal To Your Property

You know what they say, "April Showers Bring May Flowers" and now is the time to add the curb appeal to your property that will make it pop. Like any residential house on the market, the curb appeal of a property can make a good or bad impression on potential renters or tenants. Optimizing the appeal of your property can sprout success for a property manager. Soak up these four Spring tips for adding curb appeal to your property:

1. Spring Cleaning
Though it may seem like a very basic concept, keeping you property clean and tidy goes a long way. On the other hand, a littered property that is not well maintained immediately can be a turn-off to a potential tenant or renter. Keep your curbs and walkways clean of trash, dirt and grass trimmings. Maintain and trim green spaces and strive to make sure they are clear of pet waste so that the property feels cared for. 

2. Color Your World
With Spring in bloom, this is the perfect opportunity for a property manager to add some color in landscaping. Paint your property with brightly colored flowers. Yellow, orange, pink and red are all colors that catch the eye. Get creative with the color spectrum in your landscaping: if balanced with the right colors around them, bi-color flowers can also be a unique option for landscaping your property

3. Pep Up Your Parking Lot 
Has the snow melted away to reveal a parking lot that is less than par? Repaving your lot makes for a smooth ride and more appealing property. Restriping parking spots can also add that bright touch to make your lot seem like new!

4. Glow With Beauty
Your property should be appealing day...and night. Achieve this with soft glow outdoor lighting along paths and near doorways. This creates a homey, safe atmosphere on your property at night. Enlist the services of a professional lighting specialist to achieve optimum nighttime appeal. 

April showers bring May flowers, but a little added curb appeal could also bring you new tenants and renters. 

Contributing Author:

Lisa Randall
Vice President of Property Management
Block Real Estate Services


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