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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Establishing and Maintaining Positive Relationships with Tenants

High quality customer service and building strong tenant relationships is paramount in property management and is the key to increasing tenant retention.   With these tough market conditions, it is crucial for property managers to sharpen their management skills, attract new prospects, and satisfy current tenants while adhering to a budget.  Combining all of these variables, while attending promptly and properly to tenant needs, can protect and increase the value of the investments.

A prime example of this occurred recently at a Block Real Estate Services (BRES) managed property called The Market Shopping Center in Overland Park, KS.  The city requires all buildings with retention basins to pass a semi-annual inspection.  In preparation for the inspection, the basin is cleared of any runoff debris that accumulated over the winter.  Due to the short inspection turnaround time and the availability of the needed equipment, Eric decided to roll up his sleeves, with the help of our summer intern, and take care of the problem.
According to Buildings Website, there are five steps that are imperative to improving property management service and tenant relationships.
  1. Excel in Customer Service
  2. Quickly Address Complaints
  3. Document Everything
  4. Take Suggestions for Improvements
  5. Stay Professional
In this situation BRES saved the client about $1,000, the cost of renting the vacuum truck, and the basin passed inspection the next week.  It is vital for property managers to be proactive in meeting the needs of our tenants and establishing positive relationships.   Managers need to be able to wear many hats and do whatever it takes produce satisfactory results while maximizing the asset value for the owner.  In this situation, it only took a little extra manpower to make the difference.

Contributing Author:

Eric Mann

Property Manager
Block Real Estate Services, LLC 

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