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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Generating Value for a Managed Multifamily Property

Block Multifamily Group's (BMG) goal is to generate an increase in value for our managed assets. The increase in value for our managed multifamily asset lies squarely with the line item known as NOI (Net Operating Income). NOI is derived by subtracting your operating expenses (not including mortgage payments) from your Gross Income. Our topic is not about determining a purchase price for an asset, but to concentrate on items that “create value” or “create “an increase in the NOI.  This is the “line item” that all owners and clients focus on.

While raising rents and reducing operating expenses is the generic answer to generate increased NOI., there is more than meets the eye. At Block Multifamily Group, our focus on increasing value for the investor starts on the first day we're contacted to manage an asset. With the strength of our overall corporate structure, we are able to utilize:
While concentrating on the expense side is prudent and effective, the ongoing revenue stream is paramount to generating real and increasing value:
  • Raising rents $15 on a 200 unit property is increasing the income by $36,000, most of that additional revenue drops to the NOI line, equating additional value
  • Focusing on Resident Renewals. At all times, the existing customer you have is the most important.  The cost of a Resident Turnover is $1,000 or greater.  Reducing that cost will increase the NOI, which equals greater asset value. If a 200 unit property has 40% turnover or 80 move outs, ($80,000 in turnover costs), it’s apparent what a 20% or 30% reduction in this area will do to the NOI.)
  • Rent maximization by unit, location, and amenity is paramount for generating increased revenue on a monthly basis. Such items as apartment location, view, amenity (fireplace, etc.) will add to the revenue line, and subsequently will fall to the NOI line
  • Switching owner paid utilities to resident paid utilities. Ie., trash pick-up, water and sewer charges.  
  • Adding vending and related items generate additional income. 

The chart below will show exactly what these added value items will do to the value of the asset:

So, one can readily see how a $10,000 increase in the NOI (Net Operating Income)  line, will increase the value of the asset by $125,000. This simple example is why owners of multifamily assets should contact BMG,. We understand and are focused on generating value for the managed asset.

Contributing Author:

Bill Larson, CPM
Block Real Estate Services, LLC


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