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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adding Value: Block Technology Solutions

When hitting rough economic times, a company gains a competitive advantage by adding to their services while others cut back. Client services should be a low line item when trimming items out of the budget. Continuing to offer above and beyond service sets you apart from the rest. Seeking to provide further needed services to our clients and tenants,  BRES added a new division called Block Technology Solutions (BTS). This new division assists tenants in: consultation, planning, and installation services for voice, data, and security systems including servers, switches, routers, workstations, access systems, and security cameras/monitoring. BTS also leverages significant relationships with local telephone, cable and wireless providers resulting in improved response time for installations and loss of connectivity repairs.

These services help make our clients' lives easier and in the case of Pinnacle Construction Group; help get the job done.

Block Technology Solutions Case Study: Pinnacle Construction Group

Situational Analysis
Pinnacle Construction Group was asked to get an entire call center wired in less than two days.

Block Technology Solution (BTS) assisted Pinnacle Construction Group in an emergency wiring job of a call center for Delve. BTS mobilized their entire crew and started the wiring job in a matter of hours. By the end of the first day, 60% of the wiring job was completed. BTS kept in constant communication with Pinnacle as well as the client to seamlessly bring the office back online. BTS was so efficient in their job that the entire call center as well as the office was up and running two days before the deadline.

"We hired Block Technology Solutions on a fast track project. They came in at the last minute and completed a tough project over a weekend and the tenant was extremely happy with the results"
- Shawn Handy, Pinnacle Construction Group

Take this lesson to your company: enhance your services and add value that truly makes a difference to your clients. BRES found success with our new technology division by also leveraging our existing relationships to provide needed services to our clients. Seek out those relationships among your contacts that may bring value to your clients and be sure to always be thinking about how you can improve your offerings.

Contributing Author:

Doug Roth
Director of Information Technology
Block Real Estate Servics, LLC

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