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Thursday, June 14, 2012

BRES Pushing CRE Edge in Social Madness

It’s been an exciting and competitive two weeks, since starting the Business Journal Social Madness challenge and we are proud to report that we’ve been able to successfully stay within the top eight spots throughout this entire competition.

I’m sure many people are thinking “What is this social madness?” This unique corporate media challenge measures the growth of a company’s social presence. The top eight local businesses will move on to face off in the nationwide Business Journal Social Madness Challenge. Block Real Estate Services (BRES) was chosen out of 400 other companies to compete in this challenge. What's even more exciting is that BRES is one of few CRE (Commercial Real Estate)  companies competing and we are proud to bring some social media to CRE.

Companies rack up points based on a combination of online votes, new followers on Twitter, new friends/fans/likes on Facebook and new connections on LinkedIn. Companies are put into different categories based on size, which gives each company a fair chance of winning. Read more about the challenge. BRES is proud to participate in this social madness challenge and we recognize this effort has a variety of positive attributes:

•    Good way to connect with current and prospective clients
•    Great way to offer insight to the community
•    Brings awareness and engagement of BRES on a national scale
•    Brings local pride to the Kansas City community
•    Provides new avenues to expose our firm to potential clients

BRES has always prided itself in being one of the best in Kansas City CRE. We desire to bring the same dependability and determination we give our clients every day to win this Social Madness challenge and bring local pride to the Kansas City community.

This is a fun, exciting competition and we would love your support in helping us win. Cast your vote by clicking here. It would be an honor to represent Kansas City and an amazing accomplishment to have a CRE firm win this competition!

Paige Salveter - Block Real Estate Services, LLC (BRES)

Paige Salveter, MBA
Director of Marketing and Communications

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