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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Leveraging For Success In 2012

Although we have no crystal ball or the ability to peek into the future, we do understand an organization that is fully prepared with superior market knowledge has the ability to anticipate and quickly adapt to the market. While we anticipate the economic climate and general market demand to remain challenging, BRES would like to share some insight into leveraging opportunities to maximize the financial outcomes for clients in 2012.  

Asset and Property Management
 If you are an organization who has seen a continued growth in your management portfolio, you may recognize a need for a leadership team to guide the direction of your portfolio. BRES faced a similar situation. From our extremely experienced and qualified staff of property managers, we chose four individuals who had exhibited a strong dedication to the profession, as evidenced though their pursuit of continuing education and professional designations, coupled with an affinity for leadership. These four leaders were promoted to Director level positions with a goal to continuously improve and maintain our leadership position in property management service delivery. By creating this leadership team, BRES has continued its efforts to enhance the quality of our service to our owners and tenants alike by reviewing and amending policies and processes, formalizing training programs, enhancing tenant service, benchmarking property performance, and ensuring the safety and security of tenants.

Health Care Real Estate Division 
There is a definite growth and need for professional service and support in health care real estate. Recognizing this, BRES formally structured a Health Care Real Estate division in 2011. This department will focus on building strong relations with health care systems and investors to support their investment and development needs.We believe this focused effort in the health care field will yield significant opportunity for the organizations who are leveraging themselves to meet the need of this market segment.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs 
Creating a successful relationship with the community is key to the success of any organization that wishes to integrate itself into a community.  At BRES, we know that when our communities thrive, so does our business. This is why community engagement is so embedded in our corporate culture.  We work to invest philanthropic resources in the areas most relevant to our business, customers and employees as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you are apart of an organization that finds your philanthropic budget tight for 2012, do not give up on your community connection. Rather, look for resources within your business that you can offer to the community. For instance, BRES donated an abandoned warehouse for holiday season use by Operation Breakthrough. This warehouse made a big difference in giving space for volunteers to store and organize gifts for less fortunate children and their families during the holiday season. 

While we do not know for certain what 2012 will bring, we do understand the industry dynamics. We believe we have positioned our organization to the best of our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. With a vertically integrated platform of services combined with a dedicated team of knowledgeable market experts positioned to react instantaneously, Block Real Estate Services stands prepared to seize the opportunities that will inevitably present themselves in 2012. Although we know that not all sections of our 2012 plans may apply to your organization, we hope that this post can possibly help provide insight into the departments that may need more focus as together we move into the uncertain waters of a new year. 

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