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Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Set a CRE Emergency Plan

'Tis the season for long lines and large crowds. Don't forget the blizzards and ice storms that happen this time of year. The last thing you want is to be unprepared in an emergency.

All commercial properties, whether industrial or retail, should have an emergency plan set in stone and regularly educate all that utilize the space.

Communication. You may have designed a stellar plan, but it's no good unless it is communicated and educated to everyone. Set up drills, send out check lists or even host emergency preparedness workshops.

Assign Responsibilities. As a manager or leader, it is ideal to keep the chaos to a minimum and keep the crowd under control. However, you may have a very large industrial warehouse and are unable to be everywhere at once. An effective way to to help keep this chaos at a minimum is to communicate and assign responsibilities to those among your team. 

Keep Information Current. Don't let your tenant's contact information become out of date. Communicate with tenants and employees and make sure all contact information is current. 

Set Meeting Spot. Your emergency plan should include how to handle the event of an evacuation. Plan your evacuation route, establish what exits to be used (including those handicapped exits), emergency lighting, assembly areas and how to account for all persons on premises. 

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