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Monday, August 3, 2015

Valuation of Commercial Real Estate: Part 2

Valuation of Commercial Real Estate: Part 2There are three ways to build wealth in commercial real estate: Cash Flows, Debt Principal Reduction, and Appreciation.

Cash Flows
  • Net Operating Income
    • Operating Revenues – Operating Expenses = NOI
    • Maximizing NOI is most important aspect of asset management
    • Market assumptions have big impact on NOI projections
  • Impact of debt on cash flows
  • Key cash flow return criteria:
    • Capitalization rate
    • Cash-on-cash return
Debt Principal Reduction
  • Varies depending on capital structure
  • Even most institutional buyers use leverage
    • Enhance returns by “positive leverage”
      • Compare loan constant vs. cap rate
    • Diversify holdings by increasing purchase capacity
  • Each month principal balance is reduced
    • Lowers risk
    • “Make money in your sleep”
  • Importance of loan terms
    • Amortization, maturity, perm/short-term, recourse/non-recourse, prepayment ability, stated vs. effective rate
  • Driven by demand
  • Driven by increases in replacement costs
    • Important as commodity prices increase rapidly
  • Appreciation higher in U.S. in costal cities
  • Depreciation risks
    • Functional obsolescence
    • Changing market fundamentals
    • Unexpected occurrences
      • Construction, traffic patterns, natural disasters
Valuation of Commercial Real Estate
  •  Sales comparables approach
    • Good for quick benchmark
    • Hard to get “apples to apples” in commercial RE
  • Cost approach
    • Know “top of market” pricing not to exceed
    • Good philosophy = buy below replacement cost
  • Income capitalization approach
    • NPV, IRR, Capital Accumulation
  • Instinct

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