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Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Maintain a Fun Social Media Presence in Commercial Real Estate

Throw Back Thursday #TBTThe commercial real estate industry is all about building and maintaining relationships. Establishing an online presence, particularly in social media, allows for personal bonding with potential audiences.  However, finding unique ways to communicate your company's brand message can be a tough endeavor.  Block Real Estate Services (BRES) is proud to announce our recent social launch of Throwback Thursday (#TBT); a campaign established to share with audiences about what being on the BRES team means.  Below, we have collated three tricks to assist in creating fun, engaging, relationship building to maximize content for commercial real estate, such as BRES did with #TBT.

1. Share your Company Story
Allocating company history through social platforms allows brands to build credibility and trust when used correctly.  Letting audiences know the company has been present in the industry for "x" number of years portrays the company as an industry thought leader and expert.

BRES kicked off Throwback Thursday with this post:
Throw Back Thursday #TBT

2. Have Fun Sharing Your Services and Affiliations:
Highlighting company services and affiliations when creating your company's social and PR calendar. When featuring these sources it is seen as staying on top of the latest trends while promoting the holistic company view.  Participating in these fun social posts, such as #TBT, assists in building recognition from potential audiences while communicating your company is easy to relate to, fun, and worth the investment of time.
Throw Back Thursday #TBT

3. Promote Social Networking in the Office
Social networking may be seen as a threat to workplace productivity; however the prospective results may be exemplary.  Businesses now reside in an era where a majority of the population has created an online social presence.  By advocating engagement for employees, companies permit the steadfast visibility of divergent audiences. During the BRES #MS fundraising snack day, the announcements for Throwback Thursday (#TBT) submissions were made, allowing for employee's to get excited about sharing BRES's history.

Throw Back Thursday #TBT

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Cassandra Mayberry
Marketing Assistant
Block Real Estate Services

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