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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Importance of Incorporating Customer Service into Property Management

In Justin Larson’s previous post, he discussed how apartments should be viewed as a consumable product. Larson touched upon the importance of treating your property as a store front and your managers as the helpful staff. Taking this idea one step further, ask yourself is this kind of approach you are taking as a property manager? More importantly, ask yourself, as CRE Vine does in this article: What have you done for your tenants today?

"With each maintenance item, utility bill, new technology and contract signed, it is about the end result: Customer Satisfaction and Service. It is probably the last thing you hear folks talk about or plan for or think of, and it should be the first! Each day you are on the job you need to start your day with: What have I done for the tenants today? If you ask that question and honestly address it, you will be an excellent Property Manager. Remember, if the tenants are happy, the building owner should be happy"

Here are some simple tips to add to your Property Management strategy and increase your customer satisfaction:

Train Your Staff Right
  • Place customer service at the core of your team and every person you hire for any job so that you have the nicest, friendliest staff.
  • Set an example by helping out and setting a nice environment for tenants (picking up trash, etc).
Communicate…and do so Kindly
  • Update tenants regularly on what is going on (repairs to the building).
  • Give advance notice of anything that may affect a tenant's everyday life. Don't surprise a tenant by saying that their car needs to be moved for repaving of the parking lot the day of!
Get Feedback
  • Ask for feedback from your tenants on the building's condition, your staff, yourself. 
  • Have your tenants take surveys to give you information on how you can do your job better and retain them as a tenant. 
Tenant satisfaction and tenant retention go hand in hand. Place customer service at the core of your Property Management approach to have happy, long-term tenants.

 Don’t be a Stranger
  • Check in on your tenants often and talk to them as people to see how they are doing. 
  • Check on the status of the building frequently and be sure to ask tenants if they have noticed anything wrong or anything that needs repairing. 
  • Schedule check-ins on your outlook calendar for all your buildings so no one gets forgotten.

Contributing Author:

Maureen Kennedy
Associate Property Director
Block Real Estate Services