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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recession-Proof Recipe for Growth

In 2006, Block Maintenance Solutions (BMS) began as a simple LLC that was comprised of Building Maintenance Technicians and Engineers in total about 16 employees.  The company remained unchanged until 2009. At that point, BMS began to grow. Over the next three years we grew to over 40 employees, and a full spectrum of building services that include:
  • Construction / build-out
  • HVAC service / installation
  • Electrical service
  • Plumbing
  • Locksmith and security
  • Project Management
  • Inspections
  • General Contracting
The revenues are up from approximately $600K in 2009 to a projected $3.6M for 2012. Anyone that has not spent the last 10 years in a comma, knows that the last three years have been some of the roughest economical times. How did we grow? We followed a simple recipe:

  1. Do not actively participate in the recession. This means that you do not create an atmosphere that supports fear or doom. This is not to say it is wise to act aloof or indifferent to the situation; it means to incorporate the present economy as a key part of the plan. To put it simply: When everyone around you is panicking and cutting their losses early; the company that keeps its cool can pick up a lot of bargains as well as a lot of opportunities / market share. 
  2. Take advantage of all of the opportunities that are right in front of you. So much of the stuff we do today was simply contracted out to other companies in the years past. If they can do it / We can do it!
  3. Take full advantage of the skills that are in-house already. We are a very diverse and well experienced group. Before a call to another company for service is made; we ask: Can we handle it ourselves?
  4. Always be selling. Always be selling. Never let an opportunity get missed. Always ask for the business. 
  5. Always have a service mentality. It is a requirement for everyone in this company to serve their customers (internal and external).

Growing does not come without its pains. Supporting departments / companies can be overwhelmed with an increase in work. Systems such as accounting, work order, computers, phones etc. all must be increased to not only handle the load of the extra people, but the cumulative loads of the other infrastructures that come with growth. We will continue to take advantage all opportunities and serve our customers for as long as they will allow us.

Contributing Author:

Ron Fredericks
Director of Block Maintenance
Block Real Estate Services

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